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What happens if I need an operation?

The operation will be explained to you and I will consent you to the risks and benefits of the procedure. You will be then provided with a procedure code which you will need to pass onto your insurer to ensure that you are covered for the operation. As stated above, I work within the insurance companies fee guidelines so there should be no excess to pay following an operation.

Once your insurer has authorised your operation, my secretary will then discuss a convenient surgery date with you. You will then receive written confirmation of the surgery date from the Theatre Bookings Team at the Hospital which will detail what time you need to arrive at the hospital. You will also be required to attend for a pre-operative assessment a week or two before the surgery just to assess your fitness for theatre.

If your operation is to be performed under a general anaesthetic you will be required to be nil by mouth for a minimum of six hours prior to your surgery and you will need someone to bring you to and from the hospital on the day.

Will I be responsible for any fees myself even if I am insured?

If you are self paying then you will be responsible for all fees for your treatment.

If you are an insured patient you may find that you have a shortfall on your insurance policy but your insurance company will be able to confirm this.

How much is an appointment to see me?

My current fees to see me privately in clinic are:

New patient consultation – £200.00

Follow up consultation – £120.00

Insurance Companies:

I am a registered consultant with all the following insurance companies and work within their company fee assured structure.




Cigna Healthcare

Healix Healthcare

Police Healthcare

Vitality Health (formerly Pru Health)


I am happy to see patients who are self-funding their own treatment. If you require any treatment then a quote from the private hospital will be arranged for you. Mr Sloan’s operation fees are in line with the current insurance fee structures.

Do I need a referral letter?

If you are self paying then you can arrange an appointment at any time and no referral letter is required.

If you are an insured patient, a referral letter will be necessary. Most insurance companies will request that you have a referral letter from a GP or physiotherapist prior to seeing me. Your insurance company should be able to confirm this for you.

When/Where can I be seen?

I hold regular weekly private clinics at the following hospitals below:

BMI Meriden Hospital Coventry
Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital (Leamington Spa)

Spire Parkway Hospital, Solihull

There are Saturday clinics the first Saturday of the month

Alternative appointments can be arranged on an ad hoc basis depending on urgency and need.

Please contact my secretary for an appointment

How do I make an appointment?

You can arrange an appointment by contacting Jo, my private medical secretary through the following contact methods:

Phone: 07811 958854

Email: info@rogersloan.co.uk

Alternatively you can contact the private hospital you wish to be seen at and an appointment will be made for you.